About Us

Dr. Tamara Blum purchased Creswell Chiropractic in 1993. Dr. Blum uses a diversified Chiropractic technique that encompasses many different ways to perform an adjustment. She takes the time to listen to you and examine you to determine a personalize treatment plan. She addresses the muscles as well as the skeletal components of your pain to provide gentle effective relief.


Massage therapy is conveniently located in our office. Chelsea Pisani, LMT has been with Creswell Chiropractic since 2012. If you have greater need for whole body muscle work she offers massages for ½ hour up to 1 1/2 hours. You can also schedule your chiropractic treatment in conjunction with massage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a chiropractic adjustment?
A chiropractic adjustment is the manipulation of a joint that restores range of motion by stretching the ligaments that connect the joint. This reduces stress and pressure on the nerves and muscles as well.
2. Is my back really “out”?
The joints are not really dislocated but have a reduced range of motion and ligament restriction that can make the joint feel like it is sticking “out”. A chiropractic adjustment restores the range of motion, allowing the joint to move freely and the bones to move in alignment with the rest of the spine, as well as taking pressure off the nerves as they exit the spine.
3. Are you cracking my bones?
No. The sound you hear is similar to what you hear when you “crack” your knuckles. When the ligament is stretched, gases – mostly nitrogen – are pulled out of the joint fluid, making the popping sound.
4. Does an adjustment hurt?
I do muscle work that most other chiropractors don’t do. That’s what sets me apart from many other Doctors of Chiropractic. By getting the muscles to relax first, I can get the joints to move with less pressure. In my office the muscle work will be more uncomfortable than the adjustment. It is the kind of hurt that feels good at the same time. It is your body and you have the ultimate say so on what we do. If you are uncomfortable with any of the treatment, I will modify the treatment so that you are comfortable. I am skilled in many different chiropractic techniques with many different ways to perform an adjustment.
5. Once I see a Chiropractor do I have to go for the rest of my life?
I like to compare chiropractic to dentistry. Do you go to a dentist once and feel confident that your teeth are good for the rest of your life? Of course not. Our spinal health is always being challenged by our daily activities and sometimes we need help along the way. That’s where I come in. Simply put, if you have joint problems and you know where to go to feel better, why not get some relief?
6. Don't Chiropractors just work on backs?
Anywhere in the body there is a joint, a chiropractor can work on it, including shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles – much more than just backs. Other conditions that I treat are headaches, migraines, dizziness, vertigo and TMJ disorders. I can also note signs of problems that are beyond my scope of practice. In these cases I am not hesitant to refer patients to their primary care physician or other medical specialist. Getting and keeping you well is my number one goal!
7. How did my back go “out” when all I did was ___________? (Sneeze, brush my teeth, pick up my baby, tie my shoes, wash the dog, read in bed, wash the car, sleep on the couch, etc., etc., etc....)
Frequently, the above examples are just the “straw that broke the camel’s back”. Usually, the problem has been building up, not enough to cause pain, but then a simple, normal movement or activity will aggravate the condition enough to cause pain and/or injury.
8. Can I be treated by a chiropractor if I have an on-the-job injury or injuries from an auto accident?
Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 656.005 (12)(b)(B) states that a Chiropractic Physician can treat a worker injured on the job for 60 days or 18 visits and authorize time off work for up to 30 days. You have the right to choose which medical professional from whom you seek care. You DO NOT have to see the doctor that your company tells you to see. It is YOUR choice. The exception is when the worker is subject to a managed care contract and the chiropractor is not on the panel.

Oregon Revised Statute 742.518(10) covering motor vehicle insurance coverage refers to ORS 743B.001 to define who can provide medical treatment for someone injured in a motor vehicle accident. That definition is any person licensed by the state of Oregon to provide medical or mental health services. Chiropractors are included in that definition. You do not have to see a medical doctor before seeing a chiropractor after a motor vehicle accident. Again it is your choice which health care practitioner you see. Your insurance company CANNOT tell you who to go to for your injuries sustained in a car crash.

9. I have insurance but it does not cover chiropractic, can I still be treated?
Absolutely! When you pay at the time of your visit and we don’t have to do any billing, then we offer a time-of-service discount making it even more affordable. When you compare the cost of the traditional medical route, you’ll see chiropractic is a great deal for your hard earned dollars!
10. Do you recommend regular chiropractic treatment (adjustments), even when I don't have pain?
Yes! Having preventative treatment can reduce the amount of pain if you over-do and aggravate your back. Our bodies can compensate for minor dysfunctions in the skeletal system without causing pain. If you have regular preventative or maintenance care those dysfunctions can be corrected before they get bad enough to cause pain. Some patients prefer to have preventative care while others prefer to wait until they feel like they need treatment and will call to make an appointment. While I recommend regular care it is up to you to decide.

Meet the Team

Tamara Blum, DC

My undergraduate bachelor degree is in Industrial Engineering. Within a year of graduating I hurt my neck body surfing, when the waves slammed my head against the sand. If I didn’t move my head, it didn’t hurt. When I moved my head, my neck hurt. My engineering brain told me that the problem was something mechanical. I’d never been treated by a chiropractor before but I knew a little about it.  I made an appointment with a nearby clinic. It turned out the chiropractor I saw was an engineer before he became a chiropractor. As he worked on me I kept thinking “I can do this”. So I did. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1991 from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

After 2 years of working as an associate doctor for other chiropractors my husband (and office manager), Al Bennett, and I decided to make the move to Oregon. We always knew we would not stay in California. We looked at several practices for sale but nothing stood out. As soon as we drove into Creswell, we knew we were home. That was 1993, and we’ve been here ever since!

See what our patients think...

“I have had chronic headaches and migraines for years. Since seeing Dr. Blum, I only have occasional headaches and no more migraines. I had tried all the other medical treatments and seen neurologists. Nothing helped. I've been migraine-free for over 15 years.”

Dr. R.B.

“I have been seeing Dr. Blum for years. I don't have major issues but occasionally need an adjustment. I am usually corrected in one visit. I would recommend Dr. Blum if you are suffering from back pain.”


“Totally awesome! I walk in with back or neck problems and walk out feeling like a million bucks!”


“Dr. Blum is the best of the best. She is so thorough, knows exactly what to do for my aches and pains. Besides, she and her whole office staff are welcoming, warm and caring. What an asset to the community!”


“I have been having adjustments most of my life and I have never experienced a “gentler,” more compassionate, helpful practitioner. She never hesitates to teach you how to care for yourself and refers you to someone else that may be able to help you if she cannot. See her; you will always be in good hands.”


“OMG! You fix me every time!! Thank you!”


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